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Monday, February 21, 2011


• I love to use the word definitely but I HATE how its spelled. I don't think I've spelled it right once in my life.
• I love Stevie Wonder like no ones business.
• I like to hide and then jump out and scare people. Ask my husband, I got him GOOD yesterday.
• Apparently I have to get a California license. If I don't and I get pulled over they are going to punch a hole in my Idaho license. I don't like that one bit. I don't want to be from California. What happened to respecting peoples roots?
• Red heads are the coolest. period.
• I need some happy tape.
• I may or may not be teaching some classes on understanding your camera and taking better pictures. It may or may not scare me to pieces.


  1. You are going to do great teaching the class!

  2. You should teach me how to understand my camera and take better pictures. I'm doing my first photo shoot this week. I think I might pee my pants.

  3. If you care more about your state pride than your honesty...(this is what I would do)
    just go to the DMV and pretend you don't have a license at all...you'll have to do the whole shabang of tests, but at least you'd be able to keep your Idaho license valid! just sayin...

  4. I know that you like to jump out and scare people! Remember when I thought you were asleep because I could see you hiding and you weren't responding to me? That is one of my favorite memories of living together!

  5. ASH! I'm so excited for your class.. can I take it?! BTW- what's in YOUR bag? You should do a post on this...hint hint

  6. totally agree about the word definitely. Just spelled it wrong as I typed it. Thanks heavens for spell check!

  7. red heads are the coolest? I knew it. our friendship was DESTINED. I mean....I married one, and then i grew one in my body...so i think i earn quadruple points for that.


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