A little Fresh Air

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Alden and I went on a little bike ride on the canal path close to the house. Canals in California are a little bit different than canals in Idaho, they actually have the whole "ditch" cemented out. Maybe that is why its called canal and not a ditch. Nevertheless we had a grand ol time. Got to see the sun go down and take random pictures in shrubbery. Moments that you can't buy, the good stuff.

In other news:

We've been planning everything for our "v-day weekend getaway" and I found the perfect post over at Oh Happy Day full of awesome and great places to eat in SF. Now the trouble will be deciding between them all.

Did you see us on Stephanie Nelson's blog? (NieNie)..... You should check it out. Especially if you are engaged because her and Justin Hackworth are giving away a pretty sweet deal!

Speaking of engagements....Alden and I got engaged a year ago, on a beach. It was magical! Read more about it here on my blog or here where we were featured.


  1. YOU are daahhhhling. and I love your bikes you two!!

  2. This is going to say it's Justin, but really it's me, Amy.

    Justin just directed me to your blog, wherein you cheer for him, thank you very much. Your blog is so much fun to read! Let's be online friends! I just love you, Ashley, and am hoping the best for a fantastic new job--lucky, lucky employer who gets to hire you. That's what I say. Lots of love to you and Alden!


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